AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)
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Specifying Stack Parameters and Update Policy with the AWS CloudFormation Console

To specify stack parameters when updating a stack

After selecting the template to use for the update, AWS CloudFormation prompts you to specify stack parameters.

  1. On the Specify Parameters page of the Update Stack wizard, enter the values of any parameters that are defined in the updated stack template.

    If you have added or removed parameters, the parameters listed here will differ from the ones specified during stack creation. For existing stack parameters, the values that you entered when you created the stack, or that were specified during the last update, appear as defaults.

  2. Click Next Step to review your stack update.

  3. If the stack that you're updating has an associated stack policy, you can updated protected resources by specifying an overriding stack policy. Then click Next Step.

    For more information, see Prevent Updates to Stack Resources.

  4. Review the settings of the stack update, and then click Update to begin updating your stack.

    Your stack will enter the UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS state. After it has finished updating, the stack state will be set to UPDATE_COMPLETE.

    If the stack update fails, it will automatically roll back and the stack will be set to UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE.


    After your stack has begun updating, you can cancel the update while it's still in the UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS state. For more information, see Canceling a Stack Update