AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)
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Selecting a Stack Template for Updating a Stack on the AWS CloudFormation Console

After starting the Update Stack wizard, AWS CloudFormation prompts you to specify a template.

To select a stack template for updating a stack

  1. On the Update Stack page of the Update Stack wizard, choose a stack template using one of the following options:

    Use a sample template

    Update a stack with a standard sample template. You might use this option if you've been modifying one of the sample templates and want to get back to the original settings. You might also use this option if one of the sample templates has been updated and you want to take advantage of the updated template configuration.

    Upload a template file

    Specify the path or click Browse to select your updated template.

    Provide a template URL

    Provide a URL to a template in an Amazon S3 bucket. Use this option if your updated stack template is in an Amazon S3 bucket.

  2. Click Continue to proceed to specifying parameters.