AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)


The intrinsic function Fn::Select returns a single object from a list of objects by index.


Fn::Select does not check for null values or if the index is out of bounds of the array. Both conditions will result in a stack error, so you should be certain that the index you choose is valid, and that the list contains non-null values.


{ "Fn::Select" : [ index, listOfObjects ] }



The index of the object to retrieve. This must be a value from zero to N-1, where N represents the number of elements in the array.


The list of objects to select from. This list must not be null, nor can it have null entries.

Return Value

The selected object.


{ "Fn::Select" : [ "1", [ "apples", "grapes", "oranges", "mangoes" ] ] }

This example returns: "grapes".

Comma-delimited List Parameter Type

You can use Fn::Select to select an object from a CommaDelimitedList parameter. You might use a CommaDelimitedList parameter to combine the values of related parameters, which reduces the total number of parameters in your template. For example, the following parameter specifies a comma-delimited list of three CIDR blocks:

"Parameters" : {
  "DbSubnetIpBlocks": {
    "Description": "Comma-delimited list of three CIDR blocks",
    "Type": "CommaDelimitedList",
      "Default": ",,"

To specify one of the three CIDR blocks, use Fn::Select in the Resources section of the same template, as shown in the following sample snippet:

"Subnet0": {
  "Type": "AWS::EC2::Subnet",
    "Properties": {
      "VpcId": { "Ref": "VPC" },
      "CidrBlock": { "Fn::Select" : [ "0", {"Ref": "DbSubnetIpBlocks"} ] }

Supported Functions

For the Fn::Select index value, you can use the Ref and Fn::FindInMap functions.

For the Fn::Select list of objects, you can use the following functions:

  • Fn::FindInMap

  • Fn::GetAtt

  • Fn::GetAZs

  • Fn::If

  • Ref