Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
User Guide for Linux Instances

Exchanging Convertible Reserved Instances

You can exchange Convertible Reserved Instances for other Convertible Reserved Instances with different configurations, including instance family. There are no limits to how many times you perform an exchange, as long as the target Convertible Reserved Instances are of a higher value than the Convertible Reserved Instances that you are exchanging.

Requirements for Exchanging Convertible Reserved Instances

Amazon EC2 processes your exchange request if the following conditions are met.

Your Convertible Reserved Instances must be:

  • Active

  • Not pending another exchange request

  • Terminating in the same hour (but not minutes or seconds)


  • Convertible Reserved Instances can only be exchanged for other Convertible Reserved Instances currently offered by AWS.

  • Convertible Reserved Instances cannot be modified. To change the reservation's configuration, exchange it for another one.

  • Convertible Reserved Instances can only be exchanged with the same or higher payment option. For example, Partial Upfront Convertible Reserved Instances can be exchanged for All Upfront Convertible Reserved Instances—but they cannot be exchanged for No Upfront Convertible Reserved Instances.

If your Convertible Reserved Instances are not in the active state or cannot be exchanged, the Exchange Reserved Instances button in the AWS Management Console is not enabled.

You may exchange your reservations as frequently as you like; however, you cannot submit an exchange request for reservations that are pending a previous exchange request.

Calculating Convertible Reserved Instances Exchanges

Exchanging Convertible Reserved Instances is free. However, you may be required to pay a true-up cost, which is a prorated upfront cost of the difference between the Convertible Reserved Instances that you had and the Convertible Reserved Instances that you receive from the exchange.

Each Convertible Reserved Instance has a list value. This list value is compared to the list value of the Convertible Reserved Instances that you want in order to determine how many reservations you can receive from the exchange.

For example: You have 1 x $35-list value Convertible Reserved Instance that you want to exchange for a new instance type with a list value of $10.

$35/$10 = 3.5

You can exchange your Convertible Reserved Instance for three $10 Convertible Reserved Instances. It's not possible to purchase half reservations; purchase an additional Convertible Reserved Instance to cover the remainder:

3.5 = 3 whole Convertible Reserved Instances + 1 additional Convertible Reserved Instance

The fourth Convertible Reserved Instance has the same end date as the other three. If you are exchanging Partial or All Upfront Convertible Reserved Instances, you pay the true-up cost for the fourth reservation . If the remaining upfront cost of your Convertible Reserved Instances is $500, and the target reservation would normally cost $600 on a prorated basis, you are charged $100.

$600 prorated upfront cost of new reservations - $500 remaining upfront cost of original reservations = $100 difference

Submitting Exchange Requests

AWS provides you with several ways to view and work with exchange requests: You can use the AWS Management Console, interact directly with the Amazon EC2 API, or use the command line interface.

AWS Management Console

You can search for Convertible Reserved Instances offerings and select your new configuration from the choices provided.

To exchange Convertible Reserved Instances using the AWS Management Console

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. Choose Reserved Instances, select one or more Convertible Reserved Instances to exchange, and choose Actions, Exchange Reserved Instances.

  3. Select a new configuration. You can use the default settings of Any or specify the desired configuration using the drop-down menus.

  4. Choose Find Offering.

  5. Select a new Convertible Reserved Instance from the list provided and choose Exchange.

The Reserved Instances that were exchanged are retired, and the new Reserved Instances are displayed in the AWS Management Console. This process can take a few minutes to propagate.

Command Line Interface

You can exchange Convertible Reserved Instances programmatically by using the AWS CLI to first obtain information about your Convertible Reserved Instances (get-reserved-instances-exchange-quote) and then perform the exchange (accept-reserved-instances-exchange-quote).

Amazon EC2 API

You can use the GetReservedInstancesExchangeQuote action to obtain information about your Convertible Reserved Instances. Then use the AcceptReservedInstancesExchangeQuote action to perform the exchange. For more information, see Amazon EC2 API Reference.