Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
User Guide for Windows Instances

Installing the Latest Version of EC2Config

By default, the EC2Config service is included in AWS Windows Server 2003-2012 R2 AMIs. (Windows Server 2016 AMIs use the EC2Launch PowerShell script. For more information about Windows Server 2016 AMIs, see Changes in Windows Server 2016 AMIs.) When the EC2Config service is updated, all AWS Windows AMIs are updated with the latest version of the service. However, you need to update your own Windows AMIs and instances with the latest version.

For information about how to receive notifications for EC2Config updates, see Subscribing to EC2Config Service Notifications. For information about the changes in each version, see the Details about EC2Config Versions.

To verify the version of EC2Config included with your Windows AMI

  1. Launch an instance from your AMI and connect to it.

  2. In Control Panel, select Programs and Features.

  3. In the list of installed programs, look for Ec2ConfigService. Its version number appears in the Version column.

To install the latest version of EC2Config on your instance

You can remotely install the latest version of the EC2Config service by using EC2 Run Command. For more information, see Updating the EC2Config Service Using Systems Manager Run Command. Or, use the following procedure to manually install the latest version.


If you changed EC2Config service settings, copy the config.xml file in the %Program Files%\Amazon\Ec2ConfigService\Settings directory. After you update the EC2Config service, you can paste this file into the Settings directory to retain your configuration changes.

  1. Download and unzip the EC2Config installer.

  2. Run EC2Install.exe. For a complete list of options, run EC2Install with the /? option. By default, setup displays prompts. To run the command with no prompts, use the /quiet option.


Be aware of the following important details about the installation.

  • By default, Setup replaces your settings files with default settings files during installation and restarts the EC2Config service when the installation is completed. To keep the custom settings that you saved at the start of this procedure, run EC2Install with the /norestart option, restore your settings, and then restart the EC2Config service manually.

  • If you are running EC2Config version 4.0 or later, then you must restart the SSM Agent on the instance from the Microsoft Services snap-in. For information about how to determine which version of EC2Config your instances is running, see Installing the Latest Version of EC2Config.