Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Browse Node Properties

Browse nodes properties include:


Describes the items associated with the browse node, such as "Mystery & Thrillers".


A positive integer, for example, Literature & Fiction: (17), Medicine: (13996), Mystery & Thrillers: (18), Nonfiction: (53), Outdoors & Nature (290060).

Child nodes

Nodes that are subsets of the current node.

Parent nodes

Nodes that are supersets of the current node.

For example, the following XML response shows a browse node whose ID is 163357 and name is "Comedy".

<BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>163357</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Comedy</Name> <Children> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>599826</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Boxed Sets</Name> </BrowseNode> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>538712</BrowseNodeId> <Name>African American Comedy</Name> </BrowseNode> </Children> <Item> <Ancestors> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>549726</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Performing Arts</Name> </BrowseNode> </Ancestors> </Item>

In this example, the Comedy browse node has two child browse nodes, "Boxed Sets" and "African American Comedy", and one parent node, "Performing Arts".