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Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Managing Your AWS Credentials

When you register as a Product Advertising API developer, an AWS account is created for you, along with a pair of credentials: an access key ID and secret access key. You use these credentials to submit requests to the Product Advertising API. The following steps show how to retrieve your AWS root credentials.


As a best practice, use IAM user credentials to access the Product Advertising API. You can continue using your root credentials, but root credentials provide unlimited access to your AWS resources. An IAM user has permission to access only the services you specify. For more information, see Becoming a Product Advertising API Developer.

  • Access key ID (a 20-character, alphanumeric sequence)


  • Secret access key (a 40-character sequence)

    For example: wJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYEXAMPLEKEY


If you haven't registered to become a Product Advertising API developer, see Getting Started.

To manage your AWS root credentials

  1. Sign in to with your AWS account.

  2. Choose your Account Name, and then choose Security Credentials.

  3. A pop-up message appears. Choose Continue to Security Credentials.

  4. Choose Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) to locate your access key ID. Under Actions, you can delete your access key ID or inactivate it temporarily.

  5. You can view your access key ID, but not the secret access key from this page. If you lost or don't remember your secret access key, you'll need to create a new pair of credentials.

    1. On the same page, choose Create New Access Key, and then choose Show Access Key or Download Key File to retrieve the credentials.

    2. Save the access key information in a safe location.


Only you and AWS should know your secret access key. It is important to keep it confidential to protect your account. Never include it in your requests to AWS. Never email it to anyone. Do not share it outside your organization, even if an inquiry appears to come from AWS or No one representing Amazon will ever ask you for your secret access key.

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