Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Becoming a Product Advertising API Developer

The Product Advertising API allows developers to advertise products from the following Amazon sites:


Before you register for the Product Advertising API, register for Amazon Associates. See Becoming an Associate.

To register as a Product Advertising API developer

  1. On the Amazon Associates page, choose the Product Advertising API link. You can also use the table at the bottom of this page to locate the Product Advertising API URL for your locale.

  2. Choose Sign Up Now.

  3. Use the primary or secondary email address in your Associates account to sign in.

  4. Follow the steps to register.

  5. On the Success page, choose Manage Your Account. We automatically create an AWS account for you. You will use your AWS account security credentials to make calls to the Product Advertising API.

  6. On the Manage Your Account page, choose the AWS Security Credentials Console link. Sign in to your AWS account with the same email address and password you used to register for Product Advertising API.

  7. On the pop-up message, choose Continue to Security Credentials.


    The Product Advertising API does not support IAM roles. You must use the root account credentials.

  8. Choose Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Key).

  9. Choose Create New Access Key, and then choose Show Access Key or Download Key File to retrieve the credentials.

  10. Save the access key information in a safe location. You will use these credentials to make calls to the Product Advertising API.


You can access the secret access key only when you first create an access key pair. For security reasons, it cannot be retrieved at a later time. Make sure you save both the access key ID and its matching secret key. If you lose them, you must create a new access key pair.

IAM roles are not currently supported. You must use the root account credentials.