AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide

Error and Status Codes

This section describes all AWS Import/Export errors, job, and device status codes, and also status codes you might find in log files.

Error Response

The following is the format of an error response when using the Web Service operations.

<ErrorResponse xmlns="">

Error Codes

There are a number of errors that can occur when using the web service operations. The following table describes those error codes.



BucketPermissionExceptionThe account specified does not have the appropriate bucket permissions.400

The specified job ID has been canceled and is no longer valid.

ExpiredJobIdExceptionThe specified job ID has expired.400
InvalidAddressExceptionThe address specified in the manifest is invalid.400
InvalidClientTokenIdException The AWS access key does not exist. 403
InvalidCustomsExceptionOne or more customs parameters was invalid. Please correct and resubmit.400
InvalidFileSystemExceptionFile system specified in export manifest is invalid.400
InvalidJobIdExceptionThe JOBID was missing, not found, or not associated with the AWS account.400
InvalidManifestFieldExceptionOne or more manifest fields was invalid. Please correct and resubmit.400
InvalidParameterException Description describing invalid parameter. 400
MalformedManifestException Your manifest is not well-formed. 400
MissingCustomsExceptionOne or more required customs parameters was missing from the manifest.400
MissingManifestFieldExceptionOne or more required fields were missing from the manifest file. Please correct and resubmit.400
MissingParameterException One or more required parameters was missing from the request. 400
MultipleRegionsExceptionYour manifest file contained buckets from multiple regions. A job is restricted to buckets from one region. Please correct and resubmit.400


The specified bucket does not exist. Create the specified bucket or change the manifest's bucket, exportBucket, or logBucket field to a bucket that the account, as specified by the credentials file, has write permissions to.400
OptInRequired The AWS account needs a subscription to the AWS Import/Export service. 403


AWS Import/Export cannot cancel the job.

UnknownOperationException The specified operation was invalid. 403