AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-06-03)
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Mailing Your Storage Device

This section describes how to generate your pre-paid shipping label and send your storage device in a package to AWS. There may be a charge for shipping your storage device back to you. For more information, see Return Shipping.

To mail your storage device

  1. AWS provides you a pre-paid shipping label that must be used when sending your device. To generate this label, after you have created your jobs, use the AWS Command Line Tool with the following command:

    CmdPrompt> java -jar lib\AWSImportExportWebServiceTool-1.0.jar GetShippingLabel 

    The system prompts you to enter your job ID, name, company, address, and phone number. Type in each value and press enter. The following is an example of the prompts and fictional values.

    Version: 2012-01-14
    Please enter the job ids each separated by comma: 796CK
    ---Please specify your address---
    Enter name (Required):
    Joe Random
    Enter company (Required):
    ACME Anything
    Enter street1 (Required):
    1234 Main St
    Enter street2 (Optional):
    Suite 101
    Enter street3 (Optional):
    Enter city (Required):
    Enter state or province (Required in US and Canada):
    Enter country (Required):
    Enter postal code (Required):
    Enter phone number (Required):
    A prepaid shipping label has been uploaded to

    The shipping label will look similar to the following example.

    Example prepaid shipping label.
  2. When shipping storage devices internationally to and from the United States or Singapore, you must include the customs manifest options. For example, if you are shipping a storage device from a non-U.S. address or are requesting that AWS return your device to a non-U.S. address when doing a data load to a US region bucket, you must include manifest options for United States Customs. This also applies for Singapore Customs when doing data load to a Singapore region bucket. For more information, go to Customs Manifest File Option.


    To access Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon EBS snapshots, or Amazon Glacier vaults that are in the EU (Ireland) region, the shipping device must originate from and be shipped back to a location in the European Union.

    A customs manifest is not required for shipments within the EU.

  3. Arrange for UPS to pick up your package by calling them directly or take your package to a UPS package drop off facility to be shipped to AWS. You will not have to pay UPS for the shipping charges but AWS will add these charges to the fee charged for processing your device.


If you are shipping internationally to AWS, you must pay all duties and taxes on your shipment. AWS will not accept any packages that have unpaid duties and taxes. You are responsible for shipping charges to AWS (including any applicable duty and taxes). Packages with unpaid duty and/or taxes will be refused upon arrival. If your Amazon S3 bucket is located in the US, Northern California, or the Singapore region, you are also responsible for any applicable duties and taxes on return shipments sent to addresses outside of the United States or Singapore. These duties and taxes will be charged directly by our return shipping carrier upon delivery of your package.