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Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS Log File Fields

The following table describes the fields in an Amazon S3 or Amazon EBS log file.

DateTimeThe date and time when we processed a file, for example, Wed Nov 12 11:07:34 PST 2008.
FileThe name of the file in the root directory of your storage device, for example, /images/image.jpg.
StatusSpecifies either an Disk status or one of the standard Amazon S3 REST web server HTTP status codes, for example, 200. For more information, see Error and Status Codes .
CodeSpecifies either an Disk code, such as Ignored when the Status is 103, or the standard Amazon S3 REST error codes, for example, OK.

Specifies where Disk loads the file in Amazon S3. The key includes the bucket name and any prefix settings set in the manifest file, for example, /mybucket/myprefix/images/image.jpg.

MD5The checksum of the object stored in Amazon S3 identified by Key, for example, d2a22fcab097sample32c544.
BytesThe number of bytes stored in Amazon S3 for the object identified by Key, for example, 57344.
Content-TypeThe value of the Content-Type header stored in Amazon S3, for example, image/jpeg.
ETagThe ETag value of the object in Amazon S3.