AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-06-03)
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AWS Shipping Addresses

You will ship your storage device to an address in the United States, Europe, or Asia. The AwsShippingAddress value in the CreateJob and GetStatus responses contain the correct address to ship your storage device to.

Your device will be delivered to an AWS sorting facility and then forwarded by Amazon to the AWS data center. Your shipper will only have tracking information to the sorting facility. AWS updates the job status when the package is received by the AWS data center. When you send a GetStatus command, the status of your job will not show At AWS until the shipment has been received at the AWS data center.


To access Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon EBS snapshots, or Amazon Glacier vaults that are in the EU (Ireland) region, the shipping device must originate from and be shipped back to a location in the European Union.


If you ship your storage device to an address not specified in the CreateJob response, AWS Import/Export will return your storage device without performing the job and you will be charged for any applicable return shipping charges and device-handling fees. You should always verify the address before shipping.