AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide (API Version 2014-12-18)
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Job and Device Status Codes

Each AWS Import/Export job has both a device progress status and job progress status. The device location status provides details regarding the location of the storage device you mailed to AWS. The job progress code reflects the status of the data transfer, for example, when your storage device arrives it's status is Pending, when we are transferring the data the status is InProgress, and when the data transfer completes successfully the status is Success.

Device Location Status Codes

The following table describes device location status codes.

AtAWSYour device is at AWS.
NotReceivedAWS has not received your device.
ReturnedYour device has been returned. The SHIPPER tracking number is TRACKING_NUMBER.

Job Progress Status Codes

The following table describes job progress status codes.

CanceledThe job was canceled.
CompleteThe data loaded successfully. The log was saved to LOG_KEY in the bucket LOG_BUCKET.
DeviceErrorThe job was aborted. Your device would not function properly.
ExpiredThe job expired.
InProgressThe data on your device is currently being loaded.
InvalidSignatureThe job was aborted. The SIGNATURE file was invalid.
MissingDeviceThe job was aborted. Your device, power supply, or device connectors were missing.
MissingSignatureThe job was aborted. The SIGNATURE file was missing.
PendingThe specified job has not started.
SuccessWithErrorsThe data load completed with NUMBER of errors. See LOG_KEY in the bucket LOG_BUCKET. for more details.
UnsupportedDeviceTypeThe job was aborted. AWS Import/Export requires a USB2 or eSATA connector type, or a 2.5" or 3.5" SATA hard drive.
UnsupportedFileFormatThe job was aborted. For supported file types, see For more information, see Guidelines and Limitations.
UnsupportedPowerSupplyThe job was aborted. AWS Import/Export on US Standard buckets requires a 120 volt 60Hz, compatible power supply. EU buckets require a 230 volt, 50 Hertz compatible power supply that uses a Euro plug (C connector or D connector) or UK plug (BS1363). Singapore buckets require 230 volts, 50 Hertz compatible power supply.