AWS Import/Export
Developer Guide (API Version 2014-12-18)
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AWS Import/Export Log Status Codes

The following table describes AWS Import/Export status codes.

AccessDenied403 ForbiddenAccess Denied. Your IAM account does not have read permission on the object.
DirectoryFull302 RemappedThe current directory is full. Files can no longer be written to this location. Your file was saved to the recovery directory.
FilenameTooLong302 RemappedThe requested bucket + prefix + key path exceeded the max file name length of the target file system.
FileTooLarge413 Request Entity Too LargeThe requested object was larger than the max file size of the target file system.
Ignored103File passed the manifest ignored filter.
InvalidFilename302 RemappedThe requested key name is invalid on the target file system. Your file was saved to the recovery directory.
InvalidSubstitution400The specified substitutions manifest option resulted in an invalid object name.
ReadError508 Device ErrorUnable to read the specified file from disk.
UnableToWrite508 Device ErrorUnable to write data to your storage device.