Amazon Simple Queue Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-11-05)

Monitoring Amazon SQS with CloudWatch

Amazon SQS and Amazon CloudWatch are integrated so you can use CloudWatch to easily view and analyze metrics for your Amazon SQS queues. You can view and analyze your queues' metrics from the Amazon SQS console, the CloudWatch console, the command line, or programmatically.

CloudWatch metrics for your Amazon SQS queues are automatically collected and pushed to CloudWatch every five minutes. (Detailed monitoring, or one-minute metrics, is currently unavailable for Amazon SQS.) These metrics are gathered on all queues that meet the CloudWatch guidelines for being active. A queue is considered active by CloudWatch for up to six hours from the last activity (for example, any API call) on the queue.


There is no charge for the Amazon SQS metrics reported in CloudWatch; they are provided as part of the Amazon SQS service.

Common Monitoring Tasks

Use the following decision matrix to determine which set of instructions to follow to complete your desired task.

Quickly display a default view of CloudWatch metrics over time for up to 10 queues at once.Access Metrics Using the Amazon SQS Console

Further customize the default views of CloudWatch metrics.

Set alarms when metrics meet or exceed specified conditions.

Create complex dashboards that display metrics for multiple Amazon SQS queues together.

Access Metrics Using the CloudWatch Console

Set CloudWatch Alarms for Amazon SQS Metrics

Access CloudWatch metrics from the command line or programmatically.

Access Metrics Using the AWS CLI

Access Metrics Using the CloudWatch CLI

Access Metrics Using the CloudWatch API