Amazon Simple Queue Service
Developer Guide

Limits Related to Messages

The following table lists limits related to messages.

Message attributesA message can contain up to 10 metadata attributes.
Message content

A message can include only XML, JSON, and unformatted text. The following Unicode characters are allowed:

#x9 | #xA | #xD | #x20 to #xD7FF | #xE000 to #xFFFD | #x10000 to #x10FFFF

Any characters not included in this list will be rejected. For more information, see the W3C specification for characters.

Message retentionBy default, a message is retained for 4 days. The minimum is 60 seconds (1 minute). The maximum is 1,209,600 seconds (14 days).
Message size

The minimum message size is 1,024 bytes (1 KB). The maximum is 262,144 bytes (256 KB).

To send messages larger than 256 KB, you can use the Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java. This library allows you to send an Amazon SQS message that contains a reference to a message payload in Amazon S3. The maximum payload size is 2 GB.


The Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java doesn't currently support FIFO queues.

Message visibility timeoutThe maximum visibility timeout for a message is 12 hours.
Policy informationThe maximum limit is 8,192 bytes, 20 statements, 50 principals, or 10 conditions. For more information, see Limits Related to Policies.