Amazon Simple Queue Service
Getting Started Guide (API Version 2012-11-05)


Welcome to the Amazon Simple Queue Service Getting Started Guide. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a messaging queue service: it's a service that handles message or work flows between other components in a system.

Amazon SQS Resources

You may find the following related resources useful as you work with this service.

Amazon Simple Queue Service Developer Guide

The developer guide provides a detailed discussion of the service. It includes an architectural overview and a programming reference.

Amazon Simple Queue Service API Reference

The API reference gives the WSDL location; complete descriptions of the API actions, parameters, and data types; and a list of errors that the service returns.

Scaling Based on Amazon SQS

You can use Amazon SQS queues to help determine the load on an application, and when combined with Auto Scaling, you can scale the number of Amazon EC2 instances out or in depending upon the volume of traffic.

Amazon SQS Release Notes

The release notes give a high-level overview of the current release. They specifically note any new features, corrections, and known issues.

Product information for Amazon SQS

The primary web page for information about Amazon SQS.

Amazon SQS Discussion Forums

A community-based forum for developers to discuss technical questions related to Amazon SQS.

AWS Support

The primary web page for information about support channels to help you build and run applications on AWS infrastructure services.