Amazon CloudFront
Developer Guide (API Version 2016-09-29)

Subscribing to Adobe Media Server

Perform the following procedure to subscribe to Adobe Media Server for Amazon Web Services through AWS Marketplace.


You can subscribe an AWS account to Adobe Media Server only once. If your AWS account already has an Adobe Media Server subscription, use that subscription to configure live streaming.

To order Adobe Media Server 5 for Amazon Web Services

  1. Go to the Adobe Media Server 5 Extended page on the AWS Marketplace website.

  2. Review product information and click Continue.

  3. On the Launch on EC2: Adobe Media Server 5 Extended page, click the Manual Launch with EC2 Console, APIs or CLI tab.

  4. In the Pricing Details section, select the region in which to create an Amazon EC2 instance for live streaming. Review the corresponding pricing information.


    Don't use the buttons on this page to launch Adobe Media Server. In the next procedure, you create an AWS CloudFormation stack that launches an Amazon EC2 instance and installs Adobe Media Server.

  5. Click Accept Terms to sign up for a monthly subscription.

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