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Developer Guide (API Version 2016-09-29)

Getting Your Windows Password

To connect to your Amazon EC2 instance running Windows Server 2008 R2 and IIS Media Services, use the following procedure to retrieve the initial password for the Windows Server Administrator account. You only need to retrieve the password once for your Amazon EC2 instance. When you are finished with this procedure, you'll be able to work with your Amazon EC2 instance as you would any Windows Server computer.

For more information about connecting to an Amazon EC2 instance running Windows, go to Getting Started with Amazon EC2 Windows Instances.


Amazon EC2 can take as long as 30 minutes to retrieve your password from Windows Server.

To get the Windows password for your Amazon EC2 instance

  1. Confirm that you can access the Amazon EC2 private key file (the .pem file) that you created in Creating an Amazon EC2 Key Pair.

  2. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon EC2 console at

  3. In the Region list, click the region in which you created the Amazon EC2 instance for Live Smooth Streaming.

  4. In the Navigation pane, click Instances.

  5. In the My Instances pane, right-click the instance for which the value of the Name column is LiveSmoothStreaming, and click Get Windows Password.

  6. On the Retrieve Default Windows Administrator Password page, click Browse, and browse to the location on your computer where you saved the .pem file.

  7. Select the .pem file, and the contents of the file appear in the window.

  8. Click Decrypt Password.

  9. Write down the password. You'll need it to connect to the Amazon EC2 instance.

  10. Optional but recommended: Log into the Windows Server instance that you just launched, and change the password for the default Windows Server account. The username is Administrator.

    You may also want to create another user account and add it to the Administrators group. Another administrator account is a safeguard in case you forget your administrator password or have a problem with the Administrator account.


For information about how to update the Amazon EC2 Security Group settings for your Windows server so you can access the server using port 3389, see How can I enable access to the Windows server?. For information about how to log on to the instance using the Administrator account, see How can I securely connect to my Amazon EC2 instance running Windows IIS Media Services?.

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