Amazon CloudFront
Developer Guide (API Version 2016-09-29)

Deleting the AWS CloudFormation Stack and Amazon S3 Bucket for On-Demand Streaming

When you no longer want to use this setup for on-demand HTTP streaming, delete the AWS CloudFormation stack. This deletes most of the AWS resources that AWS CloudFormation created, and stops most of the AWS charges for the resources. In addition, if you no longer want the Amazon S3 bucket that you were using for your media files, delete the bucket manually. AWS CloudFormation doesn't delete the bucket automatically in case you need the media files in the bucket. Deleting the bucket stops the rest of the AWS charges for the resources.

To delete an AWS CloudFormation stack and an Amazon S3 bucket for on-demand streaming

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS CloudFormation console at

  2. Find the AWS CloudFormation stack that you created for on-demand streaming, and make note of the creation time. This will help you identify the Amazon EBS volume that you'll delete later in this procedure.

  3. Select the stack that you want to delete, and choose Delete Stack.

  4. Click Yes, Delete to confirm.

  5. To track the progress of the stack deletion, select the stack, and choose the Events tab in the bottom frame.

  6. Navigate to the Amazon S3 console.

  7. Choose the name of the bucket.

  8. On the All Buckets / bucket name page, delete your files.

  9. Choose All Buckets.

  10. Choose the row for the bucket but don't choose the bucket name.

  11. On the Actions menu, choose Delete.