Amazon CloudFront
Developer Guide (API Version 2016-09-29)

Uploading Your Media Files to Amazon S3

You use the Amazon S3 bucket that you specified in the AWS CloudFormation stack (or that you had AWS CloudFormation create for you) to store your media content. These files must be publicly readable so that the Unified Streaming server can deliver them to players through CloudFront.

To upload media files to your Amazon S3 bucket

  1. Review the Unified Streaming fact sheet and confirm that your media is encoded in a format that Unified Streaming supports.

  2. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS CloudFormation console at

  3. Choose the stack that you created in Creating an AWS CloudFormation Stack for On-Demand Streaming.

  4. Choose the Outputs tab.

  5. Make note of the value of the S3BucketName key. This is the Amazon S3 bucket that you'll upload your media files to.

  6. Open the Amazon S3 console at

  7. In the list of buckets on the left, choose the name of the bucket that you made note of in step 5.

  8. Choose Upload.

  9. In the Upload - Select Files and Folders dialog box, choose Add Files.

  10. Choose the files to upload.

  11. Choose Set Details.

  12. Choose Set Permissions.

  13. Choose Make everything public, and choose Start Upload.

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