Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Basic Pricing Components

Your product's price can include three optional parts listed in the following table.

Price Component Description

One-time charge

This is a fixed, one-time charge assessed when your customer signs up to use your product.

If a customer cancels use of your product and then later resubscribes, we bill that customer the one-time charge again.

Monthly recurring charge

This is a fixed, monthly charge for use of your product. For information about how this is billed, see When Customers Are Billed.

If you include a monthly charge that is small, you should be aware of the implications. For more information, see When You Have a Small Monthly Charge.

Usage-based charges

These are charges based on the usage dimensions of the AWS service itself. For a list of the usage-based charges for Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 and whether you can charge your customers for each of them, see Allowed Usage-Based Charges.

For an example of a price scheme that includes usage-based charges, see DevPay Fees.

For information about using a tiered pricing structure for any of the usage-based charges, see Tiered Usage-Based Pricing.

You can include all, some, or none of the preceding price components when you set your product's price. For example, you could:

  • Include only usage-based charges, so the amount your customers pay is based solely on how much they use the AWS service


    You can include one, some, or all of the possible usage-based charges for the particular AWS service. For example, if your product uses Amazon S3, you could charge your customers for GB-Month data stored only. Or, you could also include other charges such as the bandwidth for data uploaded to Amazon S3. Which of the usage-based charges you include in your product's price is your choice. Regardless, you are responsible for the cost of your customers' usage for all the dimensions.

  • Include only fixed charges (a monthly charge, a one-time charge, or both), so that the amount your customers pay is not related to how much they use the AWS service

  • Use a combination of usage-based charges and fixed charges

  • Charge nothing for your product and be entirely responsible for all costs and DevPay fees