Amazon EC2 Container Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2014-11-13)

How to Launch the Latest Amazon ECS-Optimized AMI

The following are several ways that you can launch the latest Amazon ECS-optimized AMI into your cluster:

  • The Amazon ECS console first-run wizard launches your container instances with the latest Amazon ECS-optimized AMI. For more information, see Getting Started with Amazon ECS.

  • You can launch your container instances manually in the Amazon EC2 console by following the procedures in Launching an Amazon ECS Container Instance. You could also choose the EC2 console link in the table below that corresponds to your cluster's region.

  • Use an AMI ID from the table below that corresponds to your cluster's region with the AWS CLI, the AWS SDKs, or an AWS CloudFormation template to launch your instances.

The current Amazon ECS–optimized AMI IDs by region are listed below for reference.

Region AMI Name AMI ID EC2 console link
us-east-2 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-6e56780b Launch instance
us-east-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-6944c513 Launch instance
us-west-2 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-f5fc2c8d Launch instance
us-west-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-bbe6dfdb Launch instance
eu-west-2 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-e36b7487 Launch instance
eu-west-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-faa10a83 Launch instance
eu-central-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-1f9f1f70 Launch instance
ap-northeast-2 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-88f85fe6 Launch instance
ap-northeast-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-cb3a8cad Launch instance
ap-southeast-2 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-a9a14acb Launch instance
ap-southeast-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-ca3762a9 Launch instance
ca-central-1 amzn-ami-2017.09.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-cace75ae Launch instance

For previous versions of the Amazon ECS-optimized AMI and its corresponding Docker and Amazon ECS container agent versions, see Amazon ECS-Optimized AMI Container Agent Versions.