Amazon Relational Database Service
Command Line Interface Reference (API Version 2014-10-31)


The Amazon RDS Command Line Interface (RDS CLI) has been deprecated. Instead, use the AWS CLI for RDS. To learn how to download and use the AWS CLI, see AWS Command Line Interface User Guide. For RDS commands available in the AWS CLI, see AWS CLI Reference for Amazon RDS.

The AWS CLI does not currently support the DownloadCompleteDBLogFile REST API action. To download an entire log file at once, rather than in parts using the download-db-log-file-portion command, use the last published RDS CLI and the rds-download-db-logfile command.


Returns a list of resources (for example, DB Instances) that have at least one pending maintenance action with details about the pending maintenance actions.


rds-describe-pending-maintenance-actions [General Options]


The command returns the following information:


Output values list the possible values returned by CLI commands. Not all values are returned for every call to a command. If a value is null or empty, it will not be included in the command output. For example, CLI commands to create or restore a DB instance will not return the Endpoint Address value because that value is null until the DB instance has finished being created or restored.

  • Action—The type of pending maintenance action that is available for the resource.

  • OptInStatus—The type of opt-in request that has been received for the resource.

  • EffectiveApplyDate—The effective date when the pending maintenance action will be applied to the resource. This date takes into account opt-in requests received from the rds-apply-pending-maintenance-action command, the AutoApplyAfter date, and the ForcedApplyAt date. This value is blank if an opt-in request has not been received and nothing has been specified as AutoApplyAfter and ForcedApplyAt values.

  • AutoApplyAfter—The date of the maintenance window when the action will be applied. The maintenance action will be applied to the resource during its first maintenance window after this date. If this date is specified, any next-maintenance opt-in requests are ignored.

  • ForcedApplyAt—The date when the maintenance action will be automatically applied. The maintenance action will be applied to the resource on this date regardless of the maintenance window for the resource. If this date is specified, any immediate opt-in requests are ignored.


The following example lists all of the pending maintenance actions in a region for the calling customer.

PROMPT> rds-describe-pending-maintenance-actions

The following example lists the pending maintenance actions for a DB instance named mysql-db that is owned by customer 001234567890.

PROMPT> rds-describe-pending-maintenance-actions arn:aws:rds:us-west-2:001234567890:db:mysql-db