Amazon Relational Database Service
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)

Database Engine Updates 2017-09-22

Version: 1.14.1

Amazon Aurora v1.14.1 is generally available. All new database clusters, including those restored from snapshots, will be created in Aurora v1.14.1. Aurora v1.14.1 is also a mandatory upgrade for existing Aurora DB clusters running Aurora v1.13 or earlier. Clusters running Aurora v1.14 will not be upgraded to Aurora v1.14.1 as a mandatory upgrade. For more information, see Announcement: Extension to Mandatory Upgrade Schedule for Amazon Aurora on the AWS Developer Forums website.

With version 1.14.1 of Aurora, we are using a cluster patching model where all nodes in an Aurora DB cluster are patched at the same time. Updates require a database restart, so you will experience 20 to 30 seconds of downtime, after which you can resume using your DB cluster or clusters. If your DB clusters are currently running version 1.13 or greater, Aurora's zero-downtime patching feature may allow client connections to your Aurora primary instance to persist through the upgrade, depending on your workload.

Should you have any questions or concerns, the AWS Support Team is available on the community forums and through AWS Premium Support at


  • Fixed race conditions associated with inserts and purge to improve the stability of the Fast DDL feature, which remains in Aurora lab mode.

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