Amazon Simple Storage Service
Console User Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Deleting Objects from a Versioning-Enabled Bucket


This is the User Guide for the old Amazon S3 console. If you are looking for the User Guide for the new Amazon S3 console, see Welcome to the New Amazon S3 Console User Guide.  

In a versioning-enabled bucket, you can either delete an object from the object list (version information hidden) or delete a specific version of the object.

With version information hidden, the console shows the object list as shown in the following example:

If you select and delete the Example1.pdf object, Amazon S3 adds a delete marker for the object and the object no longer appears in the object list:

However, if you click Show to list object versions, the Example1.pdf object appears in the list with all versions and a delete marker at the top.

To delete an object permanently, you must delete all the versions of the object, including the delete marker (if present). If you delete only a specific object version, Amazon S3 permanently deletes only that specific version. If you delete the delete marker, the object reappears in the object list. For more information, see Deleting an Object.