Amazon Simple Storage Service
Console User Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Updating Object Properties


This is the User Guide for the old Amazon S3 console. If you are looking for the User Guide for the new Amazon S3 console, see Welcome to the New Amazon S3 Console User Guide.  

If you update any object properties after the initial object upload, such as changing the storage details or any other metadata changes, then Amazon S3 creates a new object version in the bucket. If you rename the object, Amazon S3 creates a new object version.

For example, if you update an object's storage class or change how the object is stored at rest by updating its server-side encryption property, Amazon S3 creates an object version for each property update you save.

When versions are hidden, you can update all the object properties; when versions are shown, you can update only the permissions for the specific object version.

For more information about updating object properties, see Editing Object Properties.