Amazon Simple Storage Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Cross-Region Replication and Other Bucket Configurations

In addition to replication configuration, Amazon S3 supports several other bucket configuration options including:

This section explains how bucket replication configuration influences behavior of other bucket configurations:

Lifecycle Configuration and Object Replicas

The time it takes for Amazon S3 to replicate an object depends on object size. For large objects, it can take several hours. Even though it might take some time before a replica is available in the destination bucket, creation time of the replica remains the same as the corresponding object in the source bucket. Therefore, if you have a lifecycle policy on the destination bucket, note that lifecycle rules honor the original creation time of the object, not when the replica became available in the destination bucket.

Versioning Configuration and Replication Configuration

Both the source and destination buckets must be versioning-enabled when you configure replication on a bucket. After you enable versioning on both the source and destination buckets, and configure replication on the source bucket, note that:

  • If you attempt to disable versioning on the source bucket, Amazon S3 returns an error. You must remove the replication configuration before you can disable versioning on the source bucket.

  • If you disable versioning on the destination bucket, Amazon S3 stops replication.

Logging Configuration and Replication Configuration

If you have logging enabled on any bucket and Amazon S3 is delivering logs to your source bucket where you also have replication enabled, Amazon S3 replicates the log objects.

Cross-Region Replication