Amazon Simple Storage Service
Getting Started Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Add an Object to a Bucket

Now that you've created a bucket, you're ready to add an object to it. An object can be any kind of file: a text file, a photo, a video and so forth. When you add a file to Amazon S3, you have the option of including metadata with the file and setting permissions to control access to the file.


For information about storage charges and related information, go to the Amazon S3 Pricing page.

To upload an object

  1. In the Amazon S3 console, click the name of bucket that you want to upload an object to and then click Upload.

  2. In the Upload - Select Files wizard, if you want to upload an entire folder, you must click Enable Enhanced Uploader to install the necessary Java applet. You only need to do this once per console session.


    If you are behind a firewall you will need to install your organization's supported proxy client in order for the Java applet to work.

  3. Click Add Files.

    A file selection dialog box opens:

    • If you enabled the advanced uploader in step 2, you see a Java dialog box titled Select files and folders to upload, as shown.

    • If not, you see the File Upload dialog box associated with your operating system.

  4. Select the file that you want to upload and then click Open.

  5. Click Start Upload.

    You can watch the progress of the upload from within the Transfer panel.


    To hide the Transfer dialog box, click the Close button at top right in the Transfers panel. To open it again, click Transfers.

Viewing an object to a bucket.