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How Do I Add Tags to an S3 Object?

If you are in the old Amazon S3 console, to use the new console, choose Opt In in the following box, which appears on the old Amazon S3 console home page. Note that Opt In is not available in all Regions.  

                            Opt-in to new Amazon S3 console UI

This topic explains how to use the console to add tags to an S3 object. For information about object tags, see Object Tagging in the Amazon Simple Storage Service Developer Guide

To add tags to an object

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon S3 console at

  2. In the Bucket name list, choose the name of the bucket that contains the object.

  3. In the Name list, choose the name of the object you want to add tags to.

  4. Choose Properties.

  5. Choose Tags and then choose Add Tag.

  6. Choose Tags and then choose Add Tag.

  7. Each tag is a key-value pair. Type a Key and a Value. Then choose Add Tag to add another tag or choose Save.

    You can enter up to 10 tags for an object.

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