Amazon Simple Storage Service
Console User Guide

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The following table describes the important changes to the documentation since the last release of the Amazon Simple Storage Service Console User Guide.

Relevant Dates to this History:

  • Last documentation update: October 19, 2017

Change Description Date Changed
Added functionality and documentation

The Amazon S3 console now supports enabling object-level logging for an S3 bucket with AWS CloudTrail data events logging. For more information, see How Do I Enable Object-Level Logging for an S3 Bucket with AWS CloudTrail Data Events?.

October 19, 2017

Old Amazon S3 console no longer available

The old version of the Amazon S3 AWS Management console is no longer available and the old user guide was removed from the Amazon S3 documentation site.

August 31, 2017

General availability of New Amazon S3 console

Announced the general availability of the new Amazon S3 AWS Management console.

May 15, 2017