Auto Scaling
Developer Guide
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Setting Up Auto Scaling

Before you start using Auto Scaling, complete the following tasks.

Sign Up for AWS

When you create an AWS account, we automatically sign up your account for all AWS services. You pay only for the services that you use. You can use Auto Scaling at no additional charge beyond what you are paying for your EC2 instances.

If you don't have an AWS account, sign up for AWS as follows.

To sign up for an AWS account

  1. Open, and then click Sign Up.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Part of the sign-up procedure involves receiving a phone call and entering a PIN using the phone keypad.

AWS sends you a confirmation e-mail after the sign-up process is complete.

Prepare to Use Amazon EC2

If you haven't used Amazon EC2 before, complete the tasks described in the Amazon EC2 documentation. For more information, see Setting Up with Amazon EC2 in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances or Setting Up with Amazon EC2 in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Microsoft Windows Instances, depending on which operating system you plan to use for your EC2 instances.