Elastic Load Balancing
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-06-01)
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Managing Load Balancers

This section covers information about the Elastic Load Balancing features you are most likely to use to manage your load balancers launched either in EC2-Classic or in ELB-VPC platforms, and provides procedural instruction and examples.

The procedures in this section include instructions using the AWS Management Console, the AWS command line interface (AWS CLI), or the Query API. Before you get started, make sure that you have installed the Elastic Load Balancing interface you plan to use. For more information, see Setting Up Elastic Load Balancing Interfaces.


Elastic Load Balancing CLI has been replaced by AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), a unified tool to manage multiple AWS services. New features released after ELB CLI version (dated 7/24/14) will included in the AWS CLI only. We recommend that you start using the AWS CLI.

For a list of the functionality supported in previous ELB CLI versions, see Elastic Load Balancing API Tools.