Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Developer Guide (API Version 2009-03-31)
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Use Third Party Applications With Amazon EMR (Optional)

You can run several popular big-data applications on Amazon EMR with utility pricing. This means you pay a nominal additional hourly fee for the third-party application while your cluster is running. It allows you to use the application without having to purchase an annual license.

HParserA tool you can use to extract data stored in heterogeneous formats and convert it into a form that is easy to process and analyze. In addition to text and XML, HParser can extract and convert data stored in proprietary formats such as PDF and Word files. For more information about running HParsers with Amazon EMR, see Parse Data with HParser.
MapR Distribution for HadoopAn open, enterprise-grade distribution that makes Hadoop easier and more dependable. For ease of use, MapR provides network file system (NFS) and open database connectivity (ODBC) interfaces, a comprehensive management suite and automatic compression. For dependability, MapR provides high availability with a self-healing no-NameNode architecture, data protection with snapshots and disaster recovery and with cross-cluster mirroring. For more information about using MapR with Amazon EMR, see Using the MapR Distribution for Hadoop.