Amazon Route 53
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-04-01)

Using Health Checks with Amazon Route 53 API Versions Earlier than 2012-12-12

Health checks are supported starting with the 2012-12-12 version of the Amazon Route 53 API. If a hosted zone contains resource record sets for which health checks are configured, we recommend that you use only the 2012-12-12 API or later. Note the following restrictions on using health checks with earlier API versions.

  • The ChangeResourceRecordSets action cannot create or delete resource record sets that include the EvaluateTargetHealth, Failover, or HealthCheckId elements.

  • The ListResourceRecordSets action can list resource record sets that include these elements, but the elements are not included in the output. Instead, the Value element of the response contains a message that says the resource record set includes an unsupported attribute.