Amazon Route 53
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-04-01)

Adding Resource Record Sets for a New Domain

As soon as you receive email confirmation that we successfully registered a domain for you, you can start to create resource record sets for the domain. These resource record sets tell Amazon Route 53 how you want to route queries for your domain. For example, when someone enters your domain name in a browser and that query makes its way to Amazon Route 53, do you want Amazon Route 53 to respond to the query with the IP address of a web server in your data center or with the name of an ELB load balancer?

When you register your domain with Amazon Route 53, we automatically create a hosted zone for the new domain. This hosted zone, which has the same name as your domain, is the container in which Amazon Route 53 will store the resource record sets for your domain. For more information about how to create resource record sets, see Working with Resource Record Sets.