AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Connecting to a Greenplum Source Database

Use the following procedure to connect to your Greenplum source database with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT).

To connect to a Greenplum source database

  1. In the AWS Schema Conversion Tool, choose Connect to Greenplum.

                        Connect to source database

    The Connect to Greenplum dialog box appears.

                        Greenplum connection information
  2. Provide the Greenplum source database connection information. Use the instructions in the following table.

    For This Parameter Do This
    Server name

    Type the DNS name or IP address of your source database server.

    Server port

    Type the port used to connect to your source database server.


    Type the name of the Greenplum database.

    User name and Password

    Type the user name and password to connect to your source database server.


    AWS SCT uses the password to connect to your source database only when you create your project or choose the Connect to source option in a project, where source is your source database. To guard against exposing the password for your source database, AWS SCT doesn't store the password. If you close your AWS SCT project and reopen it, you are prompted for the password to connect to your source database as needed.

    Use SSL

    Select this option if you want to use SSL to connect to your database. Provide the following additional information, as appropriate, on the SSL tab:

    • Verify Server Certificate: Select this option to verify the server certificate by using a trust store.

    • Trust Store: The location of a trust store containing certificates.

    • Trust Store Password: The password for the trust store.

    Greenplum Driver Path

    Type the path to the driver to use to connect to the source database. For more information, see Installing the Required Database Drivers.

    If you store the driver path in the global project settings, the driver path doesn't appear on the connection dialog box. For more information, see Storing Driver Paths in the Global Settings.

  3. Choose Test Connection to verify that you can successfully connect to your source database.

  4. Choose OK to connect to your source database.

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