AWS Certificate Manager
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Document History

The following table describes the documentation release history of AWS Certificate Manager.

Latest documentation update: April 6, 2017

Change Description Release Date
Update Added information about setting up email for your domain. See Configure Email for Your Domain. April 6, 2017
New content Added a policy example for importing a certificate. See Inline Policies. April 5, 2017
Update Added information about checking certificate renewal status in the console. See Check a Certificate's Renewal Status. March 28, 2017
Update Updated the documentation for using Elastic Load Balancing. See Getting Started with Elastic Load Balancing. March 21, 2017
New content Added support for AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon API Gateway. See Services Integrated with AWS Certificate Manager. March 21, 2017
Update Updated the documentation about Managed Renewal. February 20, 2017

New content

Added documentation about Importing Certificates.

October 13, 2016

New content

Added AWS CloudTrail support for ACM actions. See Logging AWS Certificate Manager API Calls with AWS CloudTrail.

March 25, 2016

New guide

This release introduces AWS Certificate Manager.

January 21, 2016