Amazon DynamoDB
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-08-10)

Case Study: A ProductCatalog Item

In this section, we will consider an item in the ProductCatalog table. (This table is shown in Example Tables and Data, along with some sample items.) Here is a representation of the item:

    Id: 206,
    Title: "20-Bicycle 206",
    Description: "206 description",
    BicycleType: "Hybrid",
    Brand: "Brand-Company C",
    Price: 500,
    Color: ["Red", "Black"],
    ProductCategory: "Bike",
    InStock: true,
    QuantityOnHand: null,
    RelatedItems: [
    Pictures: {
        FrontView: "", 
        RearView: "",
        SideView: ""
    ProductReviews: {
        FiveStar: [
                "Excellent! Can't recommend it highly enough!  Buy it!",
                "Do yourself a favor and buy this."
        OneStar: [
                "Terrible product!  Do not buy this."

Note the following:

  • The partition key value (Id) is 206. There is no sort key.

  • Most of the attributes have scalar data types, such as String, Number, Boolean and Null.

  • One attribute (Color) is a String Set.

  • The following attributes are document data types:

    • A List of RelatedItems. Each element is an Id for a related product.

    • A Map of Pictures. Each element is a short description of a picture, along with a URL for the corresponding image file.

    • A Map of ProductReviews. Each element represents a rating and a list of reviews corresponding to that rating. Initially, this map will be populated with five-star and one-star reviews.