Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-01-25)

Registering a Workflow Type with Amazon SWF

The example discussed in this section registers a workflow type using the Amazon SWF API. The name and version that you specify during registration form a unique identifier for the workflow type. The specified domain must have already been registered using the RegisterDomain API.

The timeout parameters in the following example are duration values specified in seconds. For the defaultTaskStartToCloseTimeout parameter, you can use the duration specifier "NONE" to indicate no timeout. However, you cannot specify a value of "NONE" for defaultExecutionStartToCloseTimeout; there is a one-year maximum limit on the time that a workflow execution can run. Exceeding this limit always causes the workflow execution to time out. If you specify a value for defaultExecutionStartToCloseTimeout that is greater than one year, the registration will fail.

Copy RegisterWorkflowType { "domain" : "867530901", "name" : "customerOrderWorkflow", "version" : "1.0", "description" : "Handle customer orders", "defaultTaskStartToCloseTimeout" : "600", "defaultExecutionStartToCloseTimeout" : "3600", "defaultTaskList" : { "name": "mainTaskList" }, "defaultChildPolicy" : "TERMINATE" }

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