Amazon API Gateway REST API Reference


Represents the response of the test invoke request for a custom Authorizer

The TestInvokeAuthorizerResponse resource does not have any links.


  "clientStatus" : "Integer",
  "log" : "String",
  "latency" : "Long",
  "principalId" : "String",
  "policy" : "String",
  "authorization" : {
    "String" : [ "String" ]
  "claims" : {
    "String" : "String"

  • clientStatus
  • The HTTP status code that the client would have received. Value is 0 if the authorizer succeeded.

  • log
  • The Amazon API Gateway execution log for the test authorizer request.

  • latency
  • The execution latency of the test authorizer request.

  • principalId
  • The principal identity returned by the Authorizer

  • policy
  • The JSON policy document returned by the Authorizer

  • authorization
  • claims
  • The open identity claims, with any supported custom attributes, returned from the Cognito Your User Pool configured for the API.


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