Amazon AppStream
Developer Guide

This documentation is for an older version of Amazon AppStream. For information about the latest version, see the Amazon AppStream 2.0 Developer Guide.

Amazon AppStream Opaque Data Specification

Opaque data sent from the entitlement service is stored in the AppStream_OpaqueData.xml file located in the C:\Users\Public\AppStream folder of the streaming application. The entitlement service generates the XML file.

This XML file uses the following format:




Note the following:

  • Amazon AppStream generates this XML file and then sends the file to the streaming application when a client application connects to the streaming application.

  • If your streaming application relies on this file, make sure that the file exists before executing commands that require this file.

  • The timestamp indicates when Amazon AppStream creates the file on the streaming application.

  • The OpaqueData data block cannot contain two right square brackets (]]).