Amazon AppStream
Developer Guide

This documentation is for an older version of Amazon AppStream. For information about the latest version, see the Amazon AppStream 2.0 Developer Guide.

Building a Client for iOS

The Amazon AppStream SDK provides client libraries that you build into your client to receive and decode video and audio from the application and send device inputs and raw inputs to the application.

The following object classes are provided by the client libraries in the Amazon AppStream SDK.

Class Description
XStxClientLibrary The top level object of the client libraries. Your client uses this object to ensure that it is calling into the version of the libraries it was compiled against and to create the XStxClient object.
XStxClient This object manages client sessions and sends events to your application when Amazon AppStream assigns your application a client session or terminates a client session.

Your client implements and populate the following structures in order to receive session and application events.

Interface Description
XStxIClientListener Receives callbacks from a client.
XStxIVideoDecoder Receives and decodes the video frame.
XStxIVideoRenderer Renders the video frame.
XStxIRawVideoFrameAllocator Receives and recycles the video frame.
XStxIAudioDecoder Receives and decodes the audio frame.
XStxIAudioRenderer Renders the audio frame.
XStxIRawAudioFrameAllocator Receives and recycles the audio frame.