Amazon AppStream
Developer Guide
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Amazon AppStream SDK

The Amazon AppStream SDK provides tools for developing Amazon AppStream-compatible Windows streaming applications as well as client applications for FireOS, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. You will need the SDK to complete Get Started.

To download the Amazon AppStream SDK, go to

The SDK also contains a compiled version of a Windows client application that can connect to an Amazon AppStream streaming application. To use the example client application, you need to download and install the following products from the Microsoft Download Center:

  1. DirectX Software Development Kit

  2. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012

Amazon AppStream Chrome App SDK

The Amazon AppStream Chrome App SDK provides the example Chrome app and native client files to create a Chrome app.

To download the Amazon AppStream Chrome App SDK, go to .

Amazon AppStream SDK for Java

The Amazon AppStream SDK for Java includes functions you can call to interact with Amazon AppStream. These functions wrap the Amazon AppStream REST API and handle details like signing the requests that are sent to Amazon AppStream. The most common uses of the Amazon AppStream SDK for Java are to write an entitlement service that authorizes user access to your streaming applications. and to automate Amazon AppStream.

To download the Amazon AppStream SDK for Java, go to

Sample Entitlement Service

You can download the following files to use and deploy a sample entitlement service:

To use the sample entitlement service, see Deploy the Sample Entitlement Service.

For more information about creating your own entitlement service, see Build an Entitlement Service.

Other Files to Download

For an AWS CloudFormation template that deploys Amazon AppStream in standalone mode, go to You can use this AWS CloudFormation template to see a sample streaming application from a example client application. For more information about using this template, see Option 1: Preview the Sample Streaming Application on Amazon AppStream Standalone Mode.