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What is Amazon AppStream?

The Amazon AppStream web service deploys your application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and streams input and output between your application and devices such as personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Your application's processing occurs in the cloud, so it can scale to handle vast computational loads. Devices need only display output and return user input, so the client application on the device can be lightweight in file size and processing requirements.

In addition to converting existing applications into interactive applications, you can use Amazon AppStream to invent new types of applications optimized for a user interface that runs locally on a device while processing occurs in the cloud. You can also create a hybrid scenario, in which part of your application runs on AWS, and part of it runs natively on end-user devices.

Amazon AppStream currently supports interactive streaming of applications that run on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and client applications running on Kindle/FireOS, Android, Apple iOS and OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Advantages of Streaming Your Application

Interactively streaming your application from the cloud provides several benefits:

  • Remove Device Constraints–Applications requiring powerful hardware can run in the cloud and be interactively streamed to low-end devices.

  • Multidevice Support–With the separation of computation and user interface that Amazon AppStream provides, you can write your application once, and create a client application for each end-user device your application supports. When a new device is released, you simply release a new client application that supports the new device. Your customers will also be able to run your application from multiple devices, such as a Microsoft Windows laptop at work, a Kindle Fire tablet at home, and an iPhone mobile phone while they ride the bus.

  • Immediately Available–By interactively streaming your application your end-users can start using your application or game immediately, without having to download a large file and install a native application. Applications intended to run natively on devices can use Amazon AppStream to stream a version of their application to clients while the download and install runs in the background processing of the end-user device.

  • Easy Updates–You update your application by simply providing a new version of your application to Amazon AppStream. If the client display and user input logic is unchanged, that's all you need to do to immediately upgrade all of your users without any action on their part.

  • Improve Security–Hosting your application on Amazon AppStream keeps your application's executable files out of the hands of malicious users who could decompile or redistribute your code. You also benefit from the on-site security protecting AWS data centers.