Amazon AppStream
Developer Guide

This documentation is for an older version of Amazon AppStream. For information about the latest version, see the Amazon AppStream 2.0 Developer Guide.

Deployment Problems

If your deployment failed, try the following:

  • Install all dependency files and drivers required by your application.

  • Modify your streaming application to not require elevated/administrator privileges to run.

  • Modify your application to only use a single top-level process. Amazon AppStream monitors and streams your application based on the top-level process. Amazon AppStream also captures child processes directly created by the top-level process. Any other processes created by your application will not be streamed.

  • Check that you are using the correct launch path and parameters for your streaming application. To change the launch path or parameters, see Editing an Application.

If you still cannot deploy your application after trying these items, contact Amazon AppStream support.

Cursor and Screen Elements Move Very Slowly in Windows

When you see the Windows live host desktop during your streaming application deployment, you are connecting to the instance using technology based on the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) instead of the Amazon AppStream STX protocol. The technology based RDP is slower that the STX protocol and does not use the GPU in the instance. When you use a client application to connect to your streaming application, you will be using the STX protocol along with the GPU, which is faster than using the Windows RDP.

Error: Installer Cannot Find a GPU, Graphics Card, or Sound Card

When you install a streaming application, the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) turns off access to GPU, graphics cards, and sound cards. As long as your application installer installs the dependency files and drivers for these devices, your application will start and run correctly when you stream using Amazon AppStream.