Amazon AppStream
Developer Guide

This documentation is for an older version of Amazon AppStream. For information about the latest version, see the Amazon AppStream 2.0 Developer Guide.

Streaming Problems

Streaming problems can occur after you successfully deployed your streaming application. If you have not deployed your streaming application, see Deployment Problems. If you encounter a problem connecting a client application to your streaming application, try the following solutions.

You can also enable logging to get a log file with the events that have occurred while your streaming application was running on Amazon AppStream. The events may provide detailed information about your problem. Simply write to any log directory you have access to and configure Amazon AppStream to upload those logs to the specified Amazon S3 bucket.

To enable logging, see Enabling Logging on a Streaming Application.

Error: Connection Timed Out

Your firewall must allow traffic through TCP port 80. Open TCP port 80 and try connecting again.

Error: No Instance Available

This error appears when the server hosting your streaming application is not running or the streaming application is not ready for connections from client applications. Amazon AppStream stops the server when the streaming application has not been used for more than 90 minutes. If Active Sessions in the application summary page shows that zero servers are standing by ready for connections, then the server has been stopped.

For more information about viewing the application summary page, see Viewing Application Summary.

Wait at least 10 minutes after you see this error before connecting to your streaming application. Waiting at least 10 minutes allows Amazon AppStream to start a new server with your streaming application. Your server is ready for connections to the client if Active Sessions in the application summary page has at least one server standing by ready for a connection.

Error: Session Closed

Your firewall must allow traffic through UDP ports 9070 to 9097. Open UDP ports 9070 to 9097 and try connecting again.

Error: Session Requested But No Available Instance

Your streaming application can only stream to a limited number of client applications. You can wait until a connection is available before connecting again or you can request that your streaming application accept more connections.

For more information about allowing more connections to your streaming application, see Increasing Your Amazon AppStream Service Limits.

Error: WebGL Not Found when using the Chrome App

See WebGL and 3D graphics in the Google Chrome Help Center for more information.

Link to Streaming Application No Longer Works

You can use the link from Application Summary only once. In addition, the link is valid for 72 hours only. If you used the link already or you clicked on the link 72 hours after deploying your application, the link is not valid. To connect to your streaming application, you must create a new link. For more information, see Generating a New Test Connect Link to Stream Your Application.

Link Sent to User Does Not Work

The link from Application Summary can be used only once and is valid for 72 hours. To allow other users to connect to your streaming application, you have to create a new link for each user. For more information, see Generating a New Test Connect Link to Stream Your Application.

Two mouse pointers are visible in the Chrome App, OS X client application, or Windows application

Your streaming application was deployed with the VDI_CAPTUREMOUSECURSOR environment variable set to true. To show a single mouse pointer in the Chrome App, choose Local only in Mouse cursor of Settings. For the OS X and Windows client applications, redeploy the streaming application using the default settings.

For more information, see Displaying Mouse Pointers.

My streaming application looks terrible on the client application.

Although the client application can receive video from the streaming application at different resolutions, the client application can only render video at 720p. Change the resolution of your streaming application to 720p.