Amazon AppStream 2.0
Developer Guide

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Agent Version History

The Amazon AppStream 2.0 agent software runs on your streaming instances, enabling end users to connect to and start their streaming applications. Starting December 7, 2017, your streaming instances can be automatically updated with the latest features, performance improvements, and security updates that are available from AWS. Before December 7, 2017, agent updates were included with new base image releases.

To use the latest AppStream 2.0 agent software, you need to rebuild your images by using new base images published by AWS on or after December 7, 2017. When you do this, the option to enable automatic updates of the agent is selected by default in the Image Assistant. We recommend that you leave this option selected so that any new image builder or fleet instance that is launched from your image always uses the latest version of the agent. For more information, see Tutorial: Create a Custom Image.

The following table describes the latest updates that are available in released versions of the AppStream 2.0 agent.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 agent version Description
  • Resolves issues with using ALT key combinations

  • Resolves an issue with file uploads from local computers to streaming sessions

  • Works with these software components:

    • Amazon SSM Agent —

    • Amazon WDDM Hook Driver —

    • EC2Config service — 4.9.2218.0