Amazon Athena
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Data Types

When you run CREATE TABLE, you must specify column names and their data types. For a complete syntax of this command, see CREATE TABLE.

The field col_name specifies the name for each column in the table Athena creates, along with the column's data type. If col_name begins with an underscore, enclose it in backticks, for example `_mycolumn`.

List of supported data types in Athena#

The data_type value in the col_name field of CREATE TABLE can be any of the following:

  • primitive_type
    • INT
    • BIGINT
    • DOUBLE
    • STRING
    • DECIMAL [ (precision, scale) ]
    • DATE (not supported for PARQUET file_format)
  • array_type
    • ARRAY < data_type >
  • map_type
    • MAP < primitive_type, data_type >
  • struct_type
    • STRUCT < col_name : data_type [COMMENT col_comment] [, ...] >

Use DOUBLE data type instead of FLOAT#

The FLOAT data type is not supported. Use DOUBLE instead.