Document History

The following describes the significant changes to the documentation since the last release of Athena:

Feb. 20, 2017#


  • Content in support of AvroSerde and OpenCSVSerDe. See Avro and CSV (OpenCSVSerDe).
  • Complex JSON example to the JSON topic. See JSON.
  • Topic about setting user and Amazon S3 bucket permissions. See Setting User and Amazon S3 Bucket Permissions.
  • Release notes topic, which includes explanation about bulk column feature in the create table wizard. See Release Notes.
  • Regionalized CREATE TABLE query samples, which helps reduce transfer costs.

Dec. 23, 2016#

Removed topic for ALTER table_name RENAME TO. It is not currently supported. Added it to the list of unsupported statements.

December 9, 2016#

Added information to known limitations about region support for queries that originate in different regions than underlying Amazon S3 bucket data being queried.

December 6, 2016#

Corrected errors discovered after initial launch.

November 29, 2016#

Documentation first created.